Validator Programme

Ludgate Validator programme

The Validator programme provides real-world, hands-on, immersive learning about what it takes to successfully transfer an idea into a viable business solution. As part of this programme, entrepreneurs discover opportunities through application of the evidence-based entrepreneurship methodology. This assists them to identify significant opportunities, enhance the quality of evidence in assessment of that opportunity and reduce the time and risk associated with translating promising ideas to viable business.

Objectives of the Ludgate Validator Programme:

The objectives of the Ludgate Validator Training Programme is to:

  • Support entrepreneurs to develop skills in evidence-based entrepreneurship.
  • Enable Entrepreneurs to  engage in customer discovery and seek market validation for their business idea
  • Assist in the development of a business model canvas
  • Support the transition to seeking semi state agency funding for the viable business opportunities through the development of robust and evidence based reports
  • Support the formation of start-ups.

Programme Structure

Those successful at the application stage will participate in the Ludgate validator programme which is a 6-week training programme. Individuals will receive training in evidence-based entrepreneurship and undertake extensive opportunity (e.g. customer) discovery activities. 

Through participation in the programme, You will gain valuable insights on the impact potential of their idea and receive mentoring from highly experienced. 

Applicants should note that participation represents a significant commitment in terms of time. There will be 6 x 3 hr workshops which translates to 1 workshop per week. Material will also be available through the Ludgate Learning Management system and participants will have the option to attend workshops in person or virtually.


The winning presentation which should demonstrate the application of the methodology to the idea at the end of the programme will be awarded €3k


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