Agri Ideation Day

Alongside AgTech UCD, AgriTech Ireland and MTU we hosted Agri Ideation at the visitors centre in Farm Zero C, Shinagh, Bandon. The day consisted of  networking and ideation with students, academics and industry experts in Agriculture coming together to solve for current farming challenges.


What happened on the Day 

Networking Breakfast 

We commenced the event with a networking breakfast while each attendee was assigned a team and challenge.

The Ideation

In total we had 10 teams, who were each given a different challenge to solve for. The challenges ranged from “how to solve the problem of Agri run/off into Ireland’s lakes & rivers” to “how to reduce green house gases in the Agri Sector “. The teams got to work on solving their challenge with our mentors from IFAC and ESB at hand to help.

Pitching and Judging 

Each team pitched their solution after lunch to the room. Our table judges including industry experts from  Teagasc, Carbery, AIB, Walton Institute and MTU Kerry questioned and debated each team’s solutions before choosing a winner.


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