Ludgate Hub Survey 2022

Ludgate Hub Survey 2022

Ludgate Hub is excited to announce the results of our recent survey. This report sets out the findings of our survey conducted in April 2022. The report represents the experiences and opinions of individuals in the wider West Cork region. Questions focused on Ludgate Hub and the services offered, Remote working, digital infrastructure and impacts of COVID. There were 122 replies to our survey and we are greatly encouraged by the overall responses.


Executive Summary

Since opening in 2016, Ludgate strives to be a world leader in rural regeneration through digital transformation. Since then it has grown to be a thriving and innovative co-working environment. It hosts a mix of startups, more established businesses, remote workers and second site teams.

The survey provides some interesting insights to the impact Ludgate Hub has had on the local
community. Almost all (99.2%) of respondents believe that Ludgate Hub has had a positive impact on the town of Skibbereen.

An interesting statistic from our survey showed a high proportion, (72.9%) of respondents, were now working either, fully or partially, remote from the office. Of those who had no flexibility to work remotely, the overwhelming majority (83.3%) would like to do so in the future.

This highlights the importance that employers should place on developing a policy around remote working. Over the medium to long term, we predict a migration of talent to employers who embrace this new way of working.

Our survey also showed that remote working has also had a positive environmental impact. Commuting distances have dropped overall. 59.7% of commutes were less than 10kms pre-COVID, that percentage grew to 72.3% post-COVID.

In launching the National Digital Strategy earlier this year, the Taoiseach emphasised the importance of harnessing digitalisation gains for all, saying: “We want to build on Ireland’s successes, with new job and business opportunities, more
efficient and accessible government services, more flexible working, a better work-life balance, and better sustainability.”

At Ludgate we believe remote working is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to live, work and participate locally. The days of having to move to a large city for a well paid job are a thing of the past. We have partnered with Grow Remote to further advance the cause of remote working in Ireland. Please visit our website and go to the Jobs Page for a link to the excellent careers page hosted and maintained by Grow Remote. There you will find 300 job opportunities from companies such as: Otonomee, Shopify, EBay, HubSpot & Glofox.

The wide variety of advertised jobs are fully remote which means you can do them from anywhere you like. Work from your home office, or even better come join us at Ludgate Hub!

Major Findings


  • 99.2% of respondents believe Ludgate Hub has had a positive impact on the town of Skibbereen.
  • Only 3.3% of people had no fixed broadband at home
  • 71.3% had excellent broadband speed and connectivity at home
  • 32.5% of respondents are working fully remotely
  • 33.4% of respondents are working from home and (office or hub).
  • Of the remainder of those who are not working remotely – 83.3% would like to work remotely one day.
  • Pre COVID, 40.3% of commutes were greater than 10 km, 59.7% of commutes were less than 10km.
  • Post COVID, 27.7% of commutes were greater than 10 km, 72.3% of commutes were less than 10km.


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