Smart Working

Smart Working

Smart Working in Skibbereen

2020 has changed the old way of working forever. People have shown that they can be productive and engaged outside of the office if communication channels are in place. We at Ludgate have been promoting the idea of smart working for years now as we and the founders see it as truly the way to sustain rural economies and get towns and villages back thriving again. We are a successful example of it and all we want is to have more people experience the gift of living and working locally.  We are so embedded in this as the future that we are opening a second location so for any business the opportunity is there now for you to talk to us and even design your own space to suit your needs and team. 

Alternatively our existing location has office space available, desks available-   you could secure a number of desks and allow them to be used by a number of your team on a rotating basis because let’s face it people will not be going back to the level of commuting that was necessary before. Meeting rooms are available, and we can assist with the planning of strategic off site days.

We can be creative to your needs and design a system that works for you. Talk to us today !




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