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Ludgate is a local, regional and national influencer of rural strategy. As well as enabling over 360 direct and indirect jobs in the region, Our role as the 1st rural digital hub with 1GB connectivity has served as a template for Government. Since 2019 government policy is to support the roll out of digital connectivity and working hubs across rural Ireland ensuring the rural digital divide shrinks and ultimately is eliminated. We have to be in a position where people in a rural environment can start a business or grow a business from where they live.  Digital connectivity allows us to achieve this goal and Ludgate is at the forefront of pushing these boundaries further and further. We are not just a hub, a place to work. We are a movement which seeks to embrace all the opportunities digital empowerment can bring to a rural region. We are delighted to bring you the Ludgate West Cork Cluster Map demonstrating and profiling the natural clusters emerging within our environment and profiling the incredible businesses that we have within our ecosystem. 

Please contact our Start Up & Entrepreneurship Manager, Fiona Ryan for further information on the map or to request your business profile to be added: fiona@ludgate.ie

Map Instructions 

1. The dashboard is compatible for mobile but is best viewed on a desktop
2. Each element of the dashboard can be expanded using the circle key when we hover on the top right of a respective tile/element
3. The sector graph and search filters generate are clickable and generate filtered views of businesses on the map
4. Click the home button on the top right of the map tile, click outside the graph, or use the reset tab at the bottom of the search filter to return to full view
5. When multiple filters are selected, all must be unclicked respectively
6. Play around clicking different elements and all will be grand

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